What is A Happy Footprint of Carbon?

A Happy Footprint of Carbon is a simple sustainable environmental idea where you tell your story while creating your very own footprint of carbon

It is a celebration of life.

A happy footprint of carbon is created when you select and look after a young tree that is planted in a piece of footwear and share a happy memory or short story with us.

People all around the world discuss and calculate their Carbon Footprint, the damage it does and how to reduce it.

We have not got all the answers unfortunately but this concept that was inspired by an old pair of boots and some happy memories can help.

It is the complete opposite to the harmful carbon footprint.

A Happy Footprint of Carbon Carbon Footprint
Sustainable Not sustainable
Stores CO2 Releases CO2 into the atmosphere
Great for the environment Extremely bad for the environment
Helps reduce the greenhouse effect Creates the greenhouse effect
Helping planet earth Killing planet earth
Directly enhances your environment Directly damages your environment

And so on!

The idea is to get as many people around the world to plant a tree.

The footprint is an old piece of footwear, the carbon is the tree, the story is to make people smile

A Happy Footprint of Carbon or AHFOC for short.

There is a simple step by step guild on how to create your very own happy footprint of carbbn or we can make one for you.

When you have your tree planted all you got to do then is register the footprint and your short story.


Registering your footprint of carbon, story and final location of planting will ensure your story will live on for generations and maybe someone will take a seed and the story will continue!

A tree that is watered and looked after will live for many years in a container on a balcony, a patio or in a yard before being re-potted or planted in its final location.

The tree will grow and eventually burst free of the footwear. The footwear will disintegrate and be reclaimed by the earth, any nutrients in the footwear will be absorbed by the tree. Any parts that don’t disintegrate may be taken away.

The footwear will be no more but the tree, story and photos will be there for generations.

Registering your footprint of carbon is free.

These stories are a celebration of life in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and should make you smile as you watch your tree grow.

When you register your footprint, you will get your own number and page to post your photos and story or memory. The location or area where your tree is will be marked on a global map, people can visit your page, read your story and see your photos.

If a community or a town council were to dedicate a piece of land for the purpose of planting footprints of carbon belonging to locals, the area would be marked and each tree would be given its own identification so people can read the tree stories. A small wood where each tree tells its own story while creating a small wildlife reserve full of memories for all to enjoy.

They could become small tourist attractions, ancestry trees?

Its up to you what you do with the idea.

It’s a small step but each tree helps our planet breathe a little easier.

Happy stories and memories should never be forgotten.

Memories keep us alive.

Let’s share them while healing our fragile planet.

Put a smile on Mother Natures face with A Happy Footprint of Carbon.

Thank You

Tony and David.