How can we make this work and how do you get involved?

What you need

A piece of footwear is required that holds a happy memory or short story.

A pot or bucket with holes.


A young tree of your choice. (There is background information about trees on the site)

Water and a hole to be drill in the heel of the piece of footwear.

Step 1

Select a favourite piece of old footwear, a sports shoe, boot, wellie, sandal whatever but choose one that holds happy memories for you or maybe a loved one shoe that has passed on. Take a photo of it.

Step 2

Choose a tree you like or one that is relevant to your chosen footwear (we will call the chosen footwear a boot for this purpose)

You can look up the tree section on the “A Happy Footprint Of Carbon” website there is lots of information on trees that may help you choose one.

Step 3

Choose a pot or bucket if you are not planting it directly into the ground. Terracotta pots look great but are very heavy and absorb water so think ahead.

Step 4

Select your soil and make sure you have enough to fill the container and boot.

Step 5

Drill a hole as large as you can in the heel, if they are ladies high heeled shoes or boots it can be done in the sole. (Put a piece of wood inside the shoe so you don’t damage it as the drill bit goes through)

Step 6

Put the root of the tree through the hole and plant the tree as normal. Sit the boot on top of the soil, fill the boot with soil. Position the container and water.

Step 7

Take photos

Step 8

Register your footprint of carbon online, post your photos and happy memories or short story.

Update your photos as your footprint of carbon grows and tell us what bugs and birds visit it. I have a wild cherry tree growing in my boot and foxgloves are growing out of the side of it.

It is as easy as that or we can plant up your footwear for you. We have a large selection of young trees to choose from in our nursery