Name: Crab Apple (Wild Crab)

Scientific name: Malus sylvestris

Irish name: Crann fia-úll

Provenance: Native

Family: Rosaceae

Leaf/Needle: Deciduous leaf/Simple leaf

Height: 10 meters

Size: Small

Flowering: Spring

Pollination: Insects

Seed dispersal: Birds and mammals

Value to wildlife: High

Timber use:
Turning, wood carving, firewood. It was used to make the heads of golf clubs. Mythology: Apples were believed to be associated with rebirth and were bury in graves . as food for the dead.

Ogham Alphabet:
Ogham letter Cert (Bush) Q. 10th consonant of the Ogham alphabet. 12th month of the Ogham tree calendar.

Classification in Early Irish law:
Airig fedo (Noble of the wood) Penalty for cutting one down, two and a half milk cows.