Name: Hazel

Scientific name: Corylus avellane

Irish name: Coll

Provenance: Native

Family: Betulaceae

Leaf/Needle: Deciduous leaf/Simple leaf

Growth: Fast

Height: 8 meters

Size: Small

Flowering: The yellow male catkins open in winter/early spring (lamb’s tails), the female flower follows, it is like a small bud with a red style.

Pollination: Wind

Seed dispersal: Mammals, Birds

Value to wildlife: High

Timber use:
Weaving, hurdles, pea and bean poles, water divining

Hazel stick will protect you fairies and evil spirits, it has blessed powers. It was also used as a wand and the nuts were said to have mystical powers.

Ogham Alphabet:
Ogham letter Coll (hazel) C
9th consonant of the Ogham alphabet
11th month of the Ogham tree calendar

Classification in Early Irish law:
Airig fedo (Noble of the wood)
Penalty for cutting down a Noble of the wood, two and a half milk cows