Name: Rowan (Mountain Ash)

Scientific name: Sorbus aucuparia

Irish name: Caorthann

Provenance: Native to Ireland

Family: Rosaceae

Leaf/Needle: Deciduous leaf/Compound leaf (made up of fifteen narrow leaflets)

Growth: Fast

Height: 20 meters

Size: Medium

Flowering: May

Pollination: Insects

Seed dispersal: Birds

Value to wildlife: High

Timber use: Turning

Rowan was used to protect dairy cows and milk from supernatural harm

Ogham Alphabet:
Ogham letter Luis (flame) L
2nd consonant of the ogham alphabet
4th month of the Ogham tree calendar

Classification in early Irish law:
Aithig fedo (commoner of the wood) Penalty for cutting one down, one milk cow!