Name: Scots Pine

Scientific name: Pinus sylvestris

Irish name: Péine Albanach

Provenance: Native*

Family: Pinaceae

Leaf/Needle: Needle, evergreen

Growth: Slow

Height: 35 meters

Flowering: Shedding of pollen late spring

Pollination: Wind

Seed dispersal: Wind

Value to wildlife: Medium to high

Scots pine was associated with rebirth in many stories or because of it being … . evergreen it was used as a symbol of eternal love in others.

Ogham Alphabet:
Ogham letter Ailm (Bush) A
1st vowel of the Ogham alphabet
2nd month of the Ogham tree calendar

Classification in early Irish law:
Airig fedo (Noble of the wood) Penalty for cutting one down, two and a half milk cows.

*Died out about 300 AD and was reintroduced in around 1700. (People have their own views of the Scots pine, some say it did die out and some say it did not)